“Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.”  (Ezra 10:4)

Sometimes you just gotta go for it.  Enough of the thinking.  Enough of the praying.  Enough Bible reading.  Enough seeking advice.  Enough of the hesitation.  Sometimes you have to shoot first and ask questions later.

So what if you totally screw up?  So what if everybody thinks you’re an irresponsible, half-baked idiot?  So what if you jeopardize your relationships, your social standing, and your future prospects?  So what if you lose everything you worked for your entire life?  So what if you find out that everything you’ve believed turns out to be so much bad sushi?  So what if you discover that you’ve just done the stupidest thing ever in the history of humankind?  So what?

The alternative, which most people opt for, is STASIS.  Listen up.  The balanced life is highly overrated.  Remember, all you who spend your energies trying to avoid extremes of any kind, all you who seek moderation as the zenith of personal achievement—remember this: an object in perfect balance is an object that is not moving; it is dead in the water.  To gain ground you have to lean, baby.  You have to upset the equilibrium if you’re going to get to the refrigerator.

My uncle had this saying, “Gravity guarantees falling.”  I like that.  Of course, I have no idea what it means, but my uncle was kind of weird.  I remember one time he took an apple, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox.  The next day when he checked the mailbox he found a note attached to the apple that read “insufficient postage.”  My uncle laughed at that and told me the saying.  He then moved to Florida where there is, apparently, less gravity.

I mulled my uncle’s saying over for years.  Making allowances for his flakiness, I finally came up with this lesson: Failure is only an apple marked insufficient postage.  It doesn’t matter that mailing an apple to nobody is a dorky thing to do.  (At least it didn’t matter to my uncle.)  Somewhere along the insufferable continuum of rational behaviors that mark a totally boring life there need to be a few completely unsupportable actions of questionable return.  Every so often you just have to swoosh it.

Then again, knowing my uncle, I could be totally wrong.


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