Shut Up Already!


But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

I wonder if God ever gets a headache.

Here’s the scene: God is sitting on his throne, surrounded by a gazillion angels each shouting their halos off.  On top of that there are 24 elders (read: senior citizens of heaven) parked in the blue zone who keep falling down and yelling.  Then he’s got all those prayers floating up like flies from the low-rent district below.  Add to that those four “living creatures” with ocular overstock standing right around the throne who day and night never stop saying, “Holy , holy, holy i the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”  No chorus.  No second verse.  Just “Holy, holy, holy” all day and night and day and night and day and night and. . . .  Ten to one God’s wearing a pair of earplugs under those venerable white locks.

When you get older—and God is, like, Ancient—noise bothers you.  In fact, the older you get—and God is as old as you can get—nearly everything seems like noise.  Music sounds like tin enemas; the chatter of life is so much yada yada yada.  Even in church things can get irritating.  30 minute sermons run 30 minutes too long; worship choruses buzz in incessant loops in your brain.  Now multiply this nerve-twisting bit-blizzard by infinity and you’ve got the potential for a divine foggy mountain top breakdown.

Most people can’t handle silence.  They iPod/cell phone their mindless ways through the day.  Yank out the earbuds and they are terrified by the absence of input.  Crush Buffy’s cell phone and she’s a lost, simpering mass of neuroses.  Pull the thumbs off an obsessive texter and he sucks his big toe for comfort.  Nobody does silence anymore.

But God, apparently appreciates it once in a while.  He’s heard it all many times—the hymns, the Bible readings, the mumbled prayers, the guitarmageddon orgies, the pontifications; the joyful noise.  Give it a rest, people.  Maybe the best thing to do sometimes is nothing.  You don’t have to be a hermit either.  Just plant your butt, turn of the music, tell the babblers to take a hike, and keep your mouth shut.  You may not feel like you’re getting anything out of the deal, but God may enjoy himself a whole bunch.

Try it.  Who knows?  You might just keep God from toasting one of those four living creatures.


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