A Whole Lot of Nothing


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Imagine it: a clean slate.  No screwups yet.  No fallen angels.  No disobedient humans.  No sin.  No war.  No nothing.  Well, actually, yes nothing.  Loads and loads of nothing.  In fact, all there is is nothing—or maybe we should say, all there is isn’t something?  Anyway, the point is, is that once there was nothing except God. Nothing.  Nil.  Zilch.  Nada.  Zippo.  Not even space to put nothing in, not even if you had time to do it, which you didn’t.  But don’t worry about it; you weren’t there anyway.  That’s part of what nothing is.  Only God was there—well, not there really since there was no there there either.  (Anybody have some Advil?) Let’s just say that before there was a once, God was already an isIn the beginning God.

So, God decides it’s time for something—well, not time for something, exactly, since time hasn’t been invented yet, but God has an urge for something, literally an urge for something. This is a big deal.  There has never been something.  At least there has never been something other than God.  There is no other something yet.  So God has the urge to make something which is not himself.  God is going to make something else.  There is nothing to use, but nothing isn’t very useful anyway.  You can’t really make something out of nothing.  There’s nothing to make it out of. Ultimately, nothing’s got nothing to do with something.

How we got from nothing to something is the big mystery.  There is no way to explain it.  Even God can’t explain it to us.  It’s not that God isn’t a great explainer (read Leviticus), only that we “somethings” can’t understand not being something. Basically, we can’t understand nothing as nothing.  We think of nothing as a thing no matter how hard we try otherwise.  “There’s nothing there,” we say—as though nothing can be located—or we say “Nothing’s left” like it can be left behind by Tim LaHaye . Even our language can’t get nothing right.  As soon as we use the word “nothing” we’ve made it into something which it is most definitely not.  So we’re stuck with this: In the beginning God created. It’s all we’ve got to work with; it’ll have to do.

Still, it would have been way cool to have been there when the urge took him. . . .


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