Getting Through Eternal Security


O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. (Psalm 139:1)

We Americans want our privacy. We don’t want people poking their noses into our personal lives. If a diesel mechanic wants to wear nylons and a pink boa at home on the weekends, it’s nobody’s business but his own. If a gal likes to read Tolstoy while taking a bath in lime jello, what concern is it of ours? The boundary between the public and private is as sacred as the one between church and state, ying and yang, regular and decaf. There are lines nobody is supposed to cross.

On the other hand, the spooks are everywhere—and we’re not just talking Russian spies. We have our very own TSA, the folks in their spanky shirts and ties who beep, screen, rummage, pat, and puff everyone who wants on a plane. Every time we go online our every move is noted and slotted into an algorithm to learn about our behavior and secret desires. Then there are the personal networking sites like Facebook where we giddily funnel the minutia of our private lives for all our “friends” to see. We might as well face it kiddos: we’re buck naked in the eyes of anyone who wants to look.

Now multiply that by a gazzilion and you’ve got the God with x-ray vision. He not only sees what you do in secret; he knows what you think in secret too. He’s the original thought police who “judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” The guy knows everything about you—EVERYTHING.

There are definitely downsides to having an all-knowing God. First, you can’t keep any secrets from him. This goes against the grain for sure. We humans survive on secrets. Can you imagine if everybody knew your secrets? You wouldn’t be able to show your shameful face in public. Among other things, this would severely crimp your church activities. Humans need secrets because there’s a lot to keep secret. But God looks right into the dark corners where all the juicy stuff is stashed. He sticks his nose smack into the contraband we don’t want anybody to know about—especially him. God has no sense of decency.

Even worse than the fact that God knows all our secrets is knowing that God knows all our secrets. There you are, fondling your sordid little secret, all the while knowing that he’s watching you (probably along with a bunch of voyeuristic angels to boot). This tends to take some of the fun out. I mean, what’s a secret if it’s not secret? So you have to decide either not to do the thing in the first place or not to think about knowing that he knows you’re doing the thing. It’s like closing your eyes to make God disappear for a moment. He’s still there, but you pretend he isn’t. It’s a lame procedure, but it works in a pinch.

The upside of having a God who has strip searched you is that you have nothing to hide from him. There are no surprises, no skeletons in the closet, no unpleasant discoveries. He already knows it all so you might as well own up. This can be kind of freeing. He knows and you know he knows so there’s no need for pretending or hiding. What’s totally weird is that if you actually own up to the dark side it instantly turns into light side material. It’s like “Hey God, I’ve got this sin here” and he says, “What sin? I don’t see any sin” and you go, “Whoa! It was here a minute ago” and he says, “Funny thing” and you say, “I wonder where it went” and he says, “Forget about it. Wanna Pepsi?”

So when it comes to God you can basically forget your right to privacy. But that may not always be such a bad thing. Sometimes it is, but not always.


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