Our God Rains


Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before. (Joel 2:23)

I happen to like rain. Rainy days soothe my mind and give me an excuse to stay inside. I lived for a couple of years in Southern California. I hated it, mostly because it was sunny most of the time. (There are a bunch of other reasons why I hated it, but we don’t have time to go into them.) The problem was that I’m an indoor kind of guy. Not that I don’t like being outside but that most of the work I do is much more efficiently accomplished indoors. So when I was in California, I would always feel guilty for not being outside enjoying the endless summer that was taunting me from the other side of the windows.

So when we moved up to Oregon I was relieved. In fact, it rained non-stop from the first of March when we first moved to July. It was great. Except for occasional forays to the grocery store, I stayed snugly in my house, looking out the window of my office on a relentlessly overcast and soggy landscape. I probably would have really enjoyed the forty days and forty nights of rain before the Flood—well, until the 39th day anyway. Now, Oregon isn’t always rainy (which Oregonians like to keep under wraps); the summers can summon days of serial heat and sun. But I can always count on the return of the glorious gloom sometime in October, a gloom and slosh that will remain until March, or even May if I’m lucky.

Not everybody is all that thrilled with rain. Some get depressed when it starts to cloud up. Farmers either don’t get enough or get too much. Baseball fans hate rain. Personally, I don’t give a wet wedgy what they think. Give me rain. Give me showers. Give me cool, cloudy, misty days. Give me a book, a cup of coffee, and the Oregon coast. You can keep your endless summers and your 98 degree days. You can have your suntans and your sandy swimsuits. You want melanoma? Be my guest.

Oh yeah—I hate the Beach Boys too.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, the Oregon coast. There is really nothing quite like it. If you spend a lot of time out there, I really am envious.

  2. I can enjoy the rain to a certain extent….but that last line was just unnecessary! The beach boys…..really Fred!?

    • Gotta agree with Gerard. C’mon Fred, let’s not be dissin’ the Beach Boys.

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