“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” (Luke 12:15)

I hate stuff, except for my stuff, which is essential stuff. The rest of the stuff is just so much stuff. In fact, I’m guessing that you, unlike me, have a lot more stuff than you need. You’ve got stuff you bought, stuff you found, stuff you were given, and stuff you don’t know how you got. Heck, you’ve got stuff you don’t even know you have. Every so often some people go through their stuff and pull out stuff that they don’t want anymore and haul it down to Good Will where they toss it for a tax deduction and where other people can go to see if the tossed stuff is stuff they want to make their stuff. Later, they will go through their own stuff and weed out the stuff they don’t want and take it to Good Will where a whole other bunch of stuff-hunters will do their thing. Some people just throw away their stuff which makes it junk rather than stuff. Junk is just stuff that doesn’t meet Good Will standards. The stuff that makes it to Good Will is a bargain. Collectibles are stuff found in higher class Good Wills called antique stores. Heirlooms are old stuff that somebody has put a really big price tag on.

The Bible has all sorts of warnings about stuff. Apostle Paul says “we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” He may be right, but there’s a whole bunch of time in between getting born and kicking the bucket during which having and getting stuff is a big priority. It also may be true that a person’s life isn’t made up of stuff, but stuff is a pretty nifty way to decorate. Some Christians like to pretend they don’t care about stuff, but that’s because they have enough stuff already. Other Christians feel sorry for poor people, but poor people are those who either don’t have enough stuff or they have crappy stuff. In America having crappy stuff is just as bad as having no stuff at all. A person is judged by the quality of their stuff. Good stuff: successful person. Crappy stuff: white trash or Mexican. You may have to leave your stuff behind when you croak, but you’re gonna need it until then for sure.

Some overly religious people take what you call a “vow of poverty.” This is when people give up all their stuff to follow God. What’s the point of that? God doesn’t need your stuff. He owns all the stuff anyway, and besides, compared to his stuff, all your stuff is crap. If you have to go all gonzo religious, at least do it with the best quality stuff you can. That way other people will appreciate God more. If God keeps getting associated with crappy or no stuff, nobody will be impressed with him. As the followers are, so goes the God, I always say. As I look around at my stuff, I would have to rate my God as a borderline shabby kind of deity. Not the best, for sure, but I’m working on upgrades all the time.

Pay attention to your stuff. Your life may be more than stuff, but stuff is pretty much all you’ve got to show for it.

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