Womb for Error?

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)

According to some philosophers and scientists, everything is caused by something. Some of them think that if you trace the cause/effect chain backwards all the way to the very first cause you end up with God. A few think that the chain goes backwards forever so there’s no need for a God to start the ball rolling, but anybody who drinks coffee in the morning knows that you need something to jumpstart things so it might as well be God. Besides, if we don’t let God be the first cause we’ll have to find something else for him to do. Take it from me, an unemployed God is nothing but trouble.

There are definite benefits to letting God be the primum movens. (This is regular Latin for first cause and much more impressive than the pig latin “irstfay ausecay” or the dog latin “firstus pushem.”) For one thing, if you make God the first pusher, you can then trace blame all the way back to him. He’s the original buck stops here guy. Sure, I may be the immediate cause for some stupidity, but with a little ingenuity I can follow the chain right back to the ultimate cause of my stupidity: Mr. You-Know-Who. Another advantage to having God tip the first cosmic domino is that this means there must be some plan out there. It’s comforting to believe that everything not only has a cause but a reason too. The reason may be somewhat nuts (my current theory) but at least it’s a reason. As long as the universe is on purpose you can feel reasonably good about making plans for the weekend.

But it seems that God didn’t just crank up the machine then sit back with a beer to see how it’s all going to turn out. Apparently he’s keeps tipping dominos all over the place. In fact, it seems he loves playing dominos. Take the baby-making business, for example. Sure, the mom and dad still get to do the fun thing, but after that, it’s God who takes over. He’s pulling together all the necessary parts and firing up the essential systems that make a kid a kid. All the mom does is eat, have back pains and morning sickness, and stretch herself to the ripping point. When God’s finished with managing the prep work, he finally turns it over to the labor union. A few hours of agony later and you’ve got yourself a spanking new human being to wreak havoc on the world.

So does God ever screw up when he makes people? I’m not afraid to tell you that some of the malfunctions I’ve seen make me wonder if God always has his act together when it comes to the manufacturing process. I’ve seen enough missed stitches out there to raise some serious questions. Don’t get me wrong. God’s batting average is pretty dang good, but when he strikes out, even the mighty Casey looks good. The trouble is that he’s the only one with the bat. When it comes to making people there ain’t no pinch hitter.

But here I am, an inexplicable mystery to myself. I think, but don’t know why I do it. I desire, but don’t know what desires are exactly. I see, I smell, I touch, I hear, I taste—yet I have no idea how. I hope. I believe. I love. I am astonished at what this is that I am. Truly, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

And it’s all God’s fault.


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  1. An unemployed God…trouble indeed!

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