Sin (Ain’t So Original Anymore)


To listen click below—then turn it up, baby.

Back in the Garden
There was a woman
Had the kind of beauty you could really fall for
She bit the apple
Passed it to her man
Nothing like that had been done before
Adam bit and took it on the chin
Sin—ain’t so original anymore

In the days of Noah
Just before the flood
The sons of God loved women like they were whores
Labor and delivery bore
Giants in the land
The Almighty couldn’t take it any more
And very soon the torrent would begin
Sin—ain’t so original anymore

The citizens of Babel
Wanted to make a name
So they built themselves a tower of many floors
It rose as high as heaven
And touched those pearly gates
It could be seen from pole to pole and shore to shore
They never knew the trouble they were in
Sin—ain’t so original anymore

Sodom and Gomorrah
Cities of brotherly love
For a man of fey persuasion it was a candy store
Don’t fear no angels
They don’t fear no holy gates
Those beastie boys came in the back door
Such fire and brimstone there never has been
Sin—ain’t so original anymore

Now we got our smartphones
We got stem cells and jihad
We got online porn, data mines, and proxy wars
There’s trespass for the taking
Choice without regret
A kaleidoscope of vice we can’t ignore
But the human race is one we’ll never win
Sin—ain’t so original anymore


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