I Speak To You of Things Unseen

William Blake: Poet, Printer, Prophet by Keynes, Geoffrey


fancy line

I speak to you of things unseen
Of being before all being and thought
Of light unknowable, truth uncaught
Of good that makes all good obscene

I speak of what no angel high
Or principality below
Can ever touch, can ever know
Or seize with bright seraphic eye

I speak the fugitive of mind
Of that which revelation fails
And spirit flails like tattered sails
And stumbles like a god struck blind

I speak though speech itself unspools
In meanings meaningless and vain
By fire fraught, my tongue profane
I take my place among the fools

I speak the babble of the spheres
I speak unschooled of things to be
And witness what I cannot see
A glory veiled in human tears

fancy line



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